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The process flow


1.Data processing

Marketing Department after receiving customer orders, after contract review and APQP meeting, transfer orders and related information to the engineering department, by the process engineer into company documents (MI) instructions production.


2. Drilling

Will have a good plate fixed on the drilling rig, bring up the engineering processing good drilling data, according to the design demands on covering copper drilled holes of various sizes.


3. The grinding plate

For copper clad surface treatment, purify besmirch, oxide layer, etc.


4. Heavy copper

Drill hole plate, after surface treatment (board), hole metallization.



Will design a good graphics, according to the structure of fixed copper clad surface with camera to make photographic film exposure to form a predetermined pattern.



After exposure of the circuit board through developing machine, wash away the part of the unexposed, design good graphics.


7. Graphics electroplating

Thicken copper, to meet the design requirements, the copper wire and pore copper thickness to the predetermined range, such as gold plating process are completed in one step, after the order is not for the surface treatment.



Remove the wire between the excess copper, retain design good conductor and ground wire copper sheet.


9. Resistance wire seal

In the circuit board surface coated with a layer of liquid photosensitive resin.


10.Screen printing characters

The customer based on the principle of the circuit diagram design electrical symbols printing at a predetermined position.

11.Gong side
To the circuit board fixed on the gong, bring up good engineering design files processed into a predetermined size.

12.Flying probe test

Equal to E - T test, combining orders and different testing methods used by the customer request


13.E - T (test)

Open, short circuit and impedance test of PCB, guarantee good shipment of products 100% of plate

14. Vacuum packing

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