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Vision: become a circuit board industry elite, make electronic science and technology information industry the most professional partner
Mission: to achieve the common value of customers, companies, employees, suppliers and returns and create win-win situation

Core values: integrity Thanksgiving respect share offer innovation team
Business philosophy: the statue of precious integrity, create a win-win situation.

Market concept: changes in the market, integrity remains the same, no off-season market, only the ideas of the off-season.

Quality idea: once you have your product ready.

Communication culture: talk to specific, clear, to quantify, exquisite communication back to reproduce; ? Communication: triple gem nod and smile, praise.
Executive culture: understand and implement, don't understand, also performed before.

Team culture: no perfect individual, only perfect team, the team is me, I am the team.

Culture of innovation: innovation is the foundation of survival, the core of sustainable development.

Efforts to culture: if you have wisdom, please write your wisdom; If you don't have wisdom, would you please sweat; If you don't have wisdom, and don't want to sweat, would you please leave.
Our performance appraisal: one thousand jins burden everyone pick, everyone got indicator;
People don't do what you want, people will only do things you check, no check, no execution!

The appointment is trust, monitoring is love.

Theory of liability: men's quality is low, is not your responsibility, you can't improve the quality of the staff, is your responsibility.

We changed our culture: one is to change the will of the problem, the mountain don't come here, we have in the past, the attitude is everything when a person has the world first-class attitude, he will find a way to first-class in the world!
Style culture: active attack, rapid response, immediate action.

Culture of choose and employ persons: almighty, sucker, formUse a DE talented abnormality
Have, have no to use
No had to restrict the use of
No, no just resolute don't
Learning culture: the only competitive advantage, our future is better than our competitors to learn more, learn more quickly.

The four meaning of learning: learn to survive, to adapt to the environment;
Learn to communicate, to adapt to the interpersonal relationship;
Learning to learn, adapt to the information;
Learn skills, to adapt to the career.

Theory of 16, misunderstanding: 98% of the contradiction is the result of misunderstanding and 98% misunderstanding is produced by the communication; Misunderstanding and mistaken for the frequency of marks a person's quality.
17, compete with yourself: if you want to change the world, must first change yourself,
Self criticism is the only way to success.

18, our training culture: reasonable requirement is training, unreasonable demands is temper, is whether or not the reasonable exercise!
19, our talented person idea: our company only has two kinds of people: one kind is expert, is a kind of entrepreneurs!

An excellent talents, both must adhere to the principle, and be good at compromise.

Grasp: 20, our management four grasp grasp key repeatedly repeatedly
21, four important:

Process is less important than the result,
Important goals without purpose,
The cost is less important than the value,
Efficiency is less important than the benefits.
21, our meeting culture: projects, ideas, will have a discussion, debate and there are definitely, definitely and line, line and bear fruit!



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