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OPPO and vivo both successful counter attack third quarter smartphone sales reached Chinese top two

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According to foreign media reports, the third quarter of this year, China again won the world's largest smart mobile phone market at the same time the throne, the major manufacturers ranking also appeared a dramatic change. Market research firm Counterpoint Research data show that HUAWEI had the top by OPPO vivo and beyond.


    The third quarter of this year, OPPO and vivo beyond the traditional domestic brands HUAWEI and millet successful ascent, which ranked first OPPO market share reached a record of 16.6% over the same period last year, and its market share is only 9.9%. Ranked second in the vivo market share slightly behind, reaching 16.2%, while the same period last year the city accounted for 8.8%.

Once the first brand Chinese local millet now slip to fourth, the third quarter of this year the market share of only 10.6%, while last year it holds a market share of 14.6%. In the international market has been in hot pursuit of the apple Samsung HUAWEI in China fell to third place, its market share was 15%.

In the single sales OPPO is invincible, intelligent mobile phone market the company's OPPO R9 dominated the third quarter of this year, even the iPhone is no match for it. At the same time, vivo also with the flagship X7 achieved good results through offline channel advantage. Analysts say: "OPPO and vivo's success is the key to their dense spider web of the traditional offline channels, the machine sold in stores accounted for two of total sales of 3/4 brands. As for HUAWEI, it may be with the upcoming release of the new flagship Mate 9 to regain lost ground."

Speaking of millet, analysts say its existing sales network model has encountered a bottleneck, no online presence is the biggest weakness of millet.In addition, millet also need a sincere enough super flagship to establish their own brand image.

To complete the big lead in one year, OPPO and vivo strength really should not be underestimated.

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