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PCB industry storm automotive electronics good prospects

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Benefit of car networking huge business opportunities, PCB group starting from the upstream to the downstream supply chain of automotive electronics related, including chin-poon, Taiwan photoelectric performance this year because the car plate prospects, higher requirements for safety standards, the certification process takes about two to three years, the product stability requirements that the formation of industry barriers to entry.

A new associate investment adviser Huang Wenqing pointed out that the PCB industry, automotive electronics industry new opportunities opened PCB. The computer used in future car networking and smart car used car is expected to be PCB industry to create a new product application field, and then detonated the industry more opportunities, development and international leadership in car already using PCB technology manufacturers, in order to meet the future car with a computer to the PCB industry market the opportunity, optimistic about the Taiwan cut the upstream to the downstream automotive related supply chain vendors. Among them, the global technology giant Apple active foot smart car movements, including cooperation with Google and other non automotive technology company, to jointly develop smart cars.

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